Principal's Weekly

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From the Principal, Oct. 9, 2016 -  
Professional Learning:   
I was honored to work with the full Jordan staff this past Friday for our Professional Learning Day.  We spent the morning focused on student learning.  Specifically, we looked at what are the academic, behavior, and social/emotional skills of successful students.  We then looked closely at our Jordan students to brainstorm what teachers can do in the classroom and what we can do as a school community to support students who may not have these skills.  The conversations were powerful and are an important part of our collective commitment to ALL students.
    In the afternoon, departments worked directly on how their department can work to support our site goals and the district focus goals.  This conversation also focused on what resources - time, supplies, and professional development -- are needed by each department to achieve these goals.  My job is to help get these requests to PTA, PiE and/or site council, as appropriate, for funding approval, or use site-based money to make sure every staff member has what they need each day to bring out the very best in each student.
    Thank you for your support of these efforts by allowing us time together as a staff (which means a day off school for your children) and for your generous support of PTA and PiE!  
With Gratitude: 

  • Thank you, Jade Chao, for running a focused, content-rich PTA meeting this past Thursday.  What an amazing group of talented and dedicated parents we have!
  • I appreciate Lauren Burton sharing a moving video at the PTA meeting.  I used this video to kick-off our staff day on Friday and I hope you will take a moment to watch it here.  It is incredible what we can do when we are not defined by labels or limited by our differences!  Trust me - it’s worth a watch.
  • Kudos to all sixth grade teachers and parents for making time for the important conversations that happen during our fall conferences.  While it might be the last “formal” conferencing time within PAUSD, it is just the beginning of the student-parent-teacher partnership that grows during the middle school and high school years.
Katie Kinnaman, Principal