Principal's Newsletter October 28:

posted Oct 30, 2017, 8:03 AM by Susan Pound   [ updated Oct 30, 2017, 8:05 AM ]

This week’s Unity Week activities were highlighted Thursday when Jordan hosted the Special Olympics Soccer Tournament! Our own students from Jordan and other PAUSD schools, as well as another district’s came to play each other all morning. Many of our Jordan students came out to cheer and wave signs, and also served as refs, coaches or field support. It was a great event!

Halloween is upon us next week, and I wanted to provide information you need to help your students make good decisions about costumes they wear to school. We need your help in ensuring that they meet the following expectations:

  • Masks that cover the face cannot be worn at school. Hoods, head coverings or hats that can be taken off in the classroom are acceptable.

  • No weapons, or simulated weapons, please.

  • Age-appropriate costumes

Vandalism at Jordan

I am sorry to report that this week at Jordan, we endured two significant acts of vandalism. Monday, our front door locks as well as other doors on campus were super glued. All doors and locks had to be cleaned and replaced by district personnel over two days.

Friday late afternoon/evening, Mr. Gralen’s art room was broken into and paint was thrown all over the room, covering floors, tables and computers. Also, the outside wall and trash cans were sprayed with paint.  We are quite upset about the purposeful damage to school and senseless disrespect of a beautiful environment, and have filed a police report. Please let me know directly ( if you or your student has any information about these events. I would imagine that students coming home with paint on their shoes or clothing would be suspect.


JANUARY 18 & FEBRUARY 27, 2018


  • A one-day interactive program where students, staff, and community members come together to break down barriers and create connections.

  • Using highly interactive and energetic activities, Challenge Day Leaders guide participants through an exploration of the ways and reasons people separate from each other, and model tools for creating connection and building community.

  • Challenge Day consists of about 85 students (7th and 8th grade), 25 adult volunteers, 15 Jordan Student Ambassadors (students who have participated in Challenge Day before), and 2 professional facilitators.

The recruitment process for participants will take place in November. More information will be forthcoming soon.

November 9: Jordan Parent Visitation Day

Parents are welcome to visit classrooms and see all aspects of the school.  We ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • First come to the office to sign in, get a nametag, map, bell schedule and teaching schedule.

  • Please do not let your visit interrupt the teaching and learning process.

  • Please do not talk to the teacher, students, or other parents in the classroom (unless the teacher invites you to do so).

  • When you have finished your visit, please return to the office to sign out.

We will have more information for you next week.


To all of the many parents, coaches, teachers, site and district administrators aides and support providers who helped bring the Special Olympics Soccer Tournament to Jordan this week! It was definitely a team effort. BIG gratitude to Cameron and Dante who organized the entire event!