Principal's Newsletter February Monthly

posted Feb 16, 2018, 7:13 AM by Susan Pound

Parent Ed at Jordan middle school is facilitating a talk @ 7pm, MPR-Jordan, on 24th Jan, 2018 by Emily Ach, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor at Stanford. This event welcomes all middle school parents from Terman and JLS and Jordan. We will discuss the developmentally unique period that characterizes the middle school years. We will explore ways in which parents can support their students to build resilience, manage anxiety, cope with stress while effectively navigating an increasingly complicated social and technological landscape.

Middle school history-social science materials under consideration for adoption are currently on display in the hallway at the District Office and in the Jordan Front Office. The Middle School History-Social Science Textbook Selection Advisory Committee welcomes the public's input. Comment forms are available and all feedback will be taken into account.  If you have any questions about the history textbook pilot at Jordan, please contact Kirsten Missett, Jordan History Department Instructional Lead,

Math Workshop Field Trip 1/11/18

On Thursday, January 11th, Mrs. Finato’s Math 7th and 8th grade math workshop classes took a field trip to Levi’s Stadium. Students got an all access tour and witnessed how the stadium is a showcase for technology innovation and environmental sustainability. Students worked in an innovation lab where they learned about a variety of technological advances that have been made in the game of football. Students learned how substantial changes have been made in the uniform by creating safer helmets. Technological advances have also been made in communication and in how games are broadcasted on television. Additionally, students got to tour the locker room, participate in drills on the field, and try their hand in broadcasting. Overall it was a memorable day where students were able to witness real world mathematical applications.  

School Culture & Climate

JORDAN CHALLENGE DAYS:  February 27, 2018

    We need a few more parent volunteers to help make our Challenge Days a success!  Volunteers are needed for the full day from 7:40 am – 3:15 pm. Please email Assistant Principal, Magdalena Fittoria, at to volunteer.

    Please note that parents of students participating in Challenge Day CAN help on the day of the event - the facilitators will just make sure they are in a small group not with their own child.

    For more information about Challenge Day, see the SLIDE-SHOW presented to students and visit the organization’s website: